Our Saints

Maharishi Ved Vyas

He Is Also Known As Krishna Dvaipayana. Around 5000 Years Ago, He Was Born In Damauli Of Tanahi District In Nepal. His Father Was Parashar Rishi, A Sage & His Mother Was Satyavati. Ved Vyas Was The First And Greatest Acharya Of Sanatan Dharma. He Is Responsible For Classifying The Four Vedas, The 18 Puranas, And Had Recited The Great Mahabharata.

Bhanubhakta Acharya

Bhanubhakta Was Born In 1814 Ad (1874 Bs) On July 13. He Was Born In A Village Called Chundi Ramgh Of Tanahun District In Nepal. He Was Born Into A High-class Brahmin Family. Acharya Was Educated By His Grandfather, Shri Krishna Acharya. His Father Dhananjaya Acharya Was A Government Official Who Worked For General Amar Singh Thapa As Governor Of Palpa, In Western Nepal.

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha Was A Contemporary Of Mahavira. Gautama Buddha’s Royal Name Was Siddhartha. He Was The Son Of Suddhodana, The Chief Of Sakya Clan Of Kapilvastu In The Nepal Terai Area. He Was Born In 566 B.C. In The Village Of Lumbini A Few Miles From Kapilvastu.

Maharishi Manu Maharaj

According To Sanatan Dharma, Manu Was The First Man In The World. Manu Was Born About 19700 Years Ago From Today, And The Name Of The First Manu Was Swayambhuva Manu, With Whom The First Woman Was Shatarupa. He Was Called Swayambhu Because 'swayambhu' Means Self-born; Born Without Parents).

Acharya Ashtavakra

Ashtavakra Is A Revered Vedic Sage In Hinduism. His Name Literally Means "Eight Bends", Reflecting The Eight Physical Handicaps He Was Born With. His Maternal Grandfather Was The Vedic Sage Aruni, His Parents Were Both Vedic Students At Aruni's School. Ashtavakra Studied, Became A Sage And A Celebrated Character Of The Hindu History(Itihas) Epics And Puranas.

Maharishi Patanjali

It Is Believed That Maharishi Patanjali Was The Avatar Of Adi Shesha - The Infinite Cosmic Serpent Upon Whom Lord Vishnu Rests. He Is Considered To Be The Compiler Of The Yoga Sutras, Along With Being The Author Of A Commentary On Panini's Ashtadhyayi, Known As Mahabhasya. He Is Also Supposed To Be The Writer Of A Work On The Ancient Indian Medicine System, Ayurveda. Read On This Biography Further To Know More About Maharishi Patanjali And His Philosophy.

Maharishi Gautam

Gautam Rishi Is Among The Saptarhṣi Or Seven Great Sages. He Was One Of The Maharishis Of Vedic Times Who Discovered Mantras In Sanskrit. The Rig Veda Has Several 'hymns' That Go With His Name. He Was The Son Of Rahugana. He Married Ahalya And Had Two Sons Vamadeva And Nodhas Both Themselves Discoverers Of Mantras. Ramayan (Treta Yuga) And Mahabharatha (Dwapara Yuga) Have References To Sage Gautam As He Lived During These Two Yugas.

Maharishi Valmiki

Maharishi Valmiki Was Born As Ratnakara To Sage Prachetasa. At A Very Young Age, Ratnakara Went Into The Forest And Got Lost. A Hunter, Who Was Passing By, Saw Ratnakara And Took Him Under His Care. Under The Love And Care Of His Foster Parents, Ratnakara Forgot His Original Parents. Under His Father's Guidance, Ratnakara Turned Out To Be An Excellent Hunter. As He Approached Marriageable Age, Ratnakara Was Married To A Beautiful Girl From A Hunter's Family.

Raja Janak

Raja Janak Was King Of Mithila (Videha) And The Father Of Sita, The Key Characteristics Of The Hindu Epic Ramayana. Janak’s Name Was Seeradhwaja. He Was Regarded As An Enlightened Soul And Ruled His Kingdom With Wisdom And Courage.
Raja Janak was childless when once he found a baby in a furrow when he was ploughing a field as part of a Yajna. Because of this Sita was described as the daughter of the earth goddess Bhumi. Sita was raised by Janak and his wife Sunaina.