Swabhiman Trust

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

About Us

Welcome to Hamro Swabhiman, a trust inspired and blessed by the wisdom of Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj. Under the direction and guidance of Ayurved Shiromani Balkrishna Ji Maharaj, Hamro Swabhiman Trust has been established with a profound motive and vision. Our mission is rooted in the ideals of Intense Nationalism, Spiritualism, and Idealism. We aim to revive and implement traditional principles, fostering a deep sense of pride and recognition for the Nepali/Gorkhali community in India. Recognising the enduring contributions made by this community throughout history, our goal is to elevate their dignity and bring forth a renewed sense of identity. We believe that inclusive development in any country can only be achieved with the support and awakened dignity of the people. The Nepali/Gorkhali community, known for its courage, has made significant contributions to society. Hamro Swabhiman Trust is dedicated to awakening and honoring this courage, ensuring that the needs of the community are met.

Join us in our journey towards a society where every individual is empowered, every tradition is valued, and every dream is achievable. At Hamro Swabhiman Trust, we are committed to building a future where the Nepali/Gorkhali community thrives with pride, education, and good health.

Our Mission

  • To promote health, education, mutual co-existence, unity, integrity & the ideal values of the tradition of true Sanatan culture in Nepali Indians /Gorkhali.
  • To glorify Nepali culture & tradition among nepali speaking people all around the world by making people aware of their ancient saints, heroes, martyrs, revolutionary & leaders through seminar, special events & gatherings.
  • To Encourage & support to conduct the various service oriented programs for the development of backward class & tribes of Nepali speaking people in India.
  • To conduct programs for the development of necessary skills, knowledge & self-confidence in Nepali speaking people in India.
  • Renaissance of nepali language, culture & tradition among Indian/Gorkhali people & to encourage and support those people who are engaged in this renaissance.