Preserving Our Culture

Hamro Swabhiman is deeply committed to uniting our community and fostering a sense of togetherness to enhance our cultural richness. Our organisation consistently provides a platform for individuals to express their enthusiasm and passion for their cultural heritage. Here are some of the significant festivals organised by us:

Online International Deusi Bhailo - Deusi and Bhailo constitute traditional songs sung during the Tihar festival, observed in Nepal, Darjeeling hills, Sikkim, Assam, and various regions of India. Children and teenagers joyfully sing these tunes and perform dances as they visit homes within their community. During these visits, they collect money, sweets, and food while imparting blessings for prosperity. Bhailo is generally played by girls, while Deusi is played by boys. At the end of these songs, the woman of the house serves food and gives money to these Deusi/Bhailo singers and dancers. In return, the Deusi/Bhailo team extends their blessings for high income and prosperity. To celebrate and preserve the cultural traditions of TIHAR, Hamro Swabhiman organises an Online International Deusi Bhailo Competition. Participants from around the globe come together to and depict the age long Nepali Culture.

Haritalika Teej - Every year, the global Nepali-speaking community comes together to celebrate the grand and joyous festival of Haritalika Teej. This beautiful occasion is characterised by wives fasting for the well-being of their husbands. Festive dances, red attires and cultural songs mark the beginning of this festival. At Hamro Swabhiman Trust, we commemorate the Haritalika Teej festival in a truly phenomenal manner with participants from all corners of India. Our celebration is a harmonious blend of tradition and jubilation, creating an atmosphere of unity and cultural richness.