Hamro Swabhiman Trust (HST) is a social-cum-spiritual organization established to strengthen the spirit and network of Bharatiya Nepali/Gorkhali or Nepali Speaking People. The objective of this organization is to uplift spiritual, cultural, social and historical legacies as per contemporary need. The spirit of HST is deeply connected to translate inner voices of Nepali Speaking People into action by taking different initiatives as required and guided by Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj under the blessings of Yog Guru Ramdev Ji Maharaj. Every individual from Any Nepali community associated with any forum, NGO, INGOs or any social or cultural groups established for the empowerment of Nepali Speaking People are welcome to be a part of the Initiative. This would help in recognition and promotion of their contribution towards making mother land prosperous, powerful and global mentor. All such people associated with Nepali language in any form, are cordially invited to be a part of HST and contribute their time, money, talent, ideas and network for its development and betterment.

The drawing of Hamro Swabhiman Trust was prepared by Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj since last several years with sole motive to unite entire Nepali Speaking community into one Umbrella however it took shape finally in 23.11.2013 when Prem Chhetri under the direction of Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj organized a conference at Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar, Uttarakhand with 23 Nepali Speaking People from the different part of India. Thereafter Hamro Swabhiman Trust was established and registered on 05.07.2013 at Delhi. The basic objective of establishing HST is to uplift the confidence of the community to promote own Nepali Language, Art & culture, spiritual science, youth transformation, health promotion/management, promotion of Yoga and Ayurveda, educational innovations, art of living, women and children issues, sport, labor issues, social issues, cultural and spiritual tourism,  National and International news regarding INCs and HST, and of course, valuable feedback on any development locally, nationally, internationally on geographical, political, ecological, behavioral, cultural, scientific and any such other sphere which directly or indirectly affect common people or contribute to growth and unity of Nepali Speaking People in India.


The cordial relationship between India and Nepal seems to be intense from long history. The relations between the common people of both Countries do not see the geographical boundaries. Common people of both countries following the “Roti Beti ka rista”. Everybody knows Ma Janaki born in Land of Janakpurdham got married with Lord Ram from Ayodhya. Lord Buddha born at Lumbini was enlightened in Bodhgaya and worked for the sake of especially India and then worldwide. Great sages and figures like Gautam, Balmiki, Shringi, Vishwamitra,Yjnavalakya, Bhardwaj, Kapil, Vedvyas, Vatsyan, Bhirgumuni, Mandal Mishra were born and adopted austerity in holy land of Nepal and used Indian land to disseminate their knowledge and wisdom. The junction of Saptkoshi and Kokha is accepted as descent spot of Incarnate- Baraha. Thousands of similar examples from past and present can be traced and cited to highlight natural, cultural, racial, religious and ecological homogeneity between these two countries.

Peace and war, discretion and valor, weapons and scriptures, struggle and creation are some of the salient traits endowed with Nepalese blood. During the inhuman attacks of Muslims over religious people of India, Nepal has served as the best shelter. Number of people from Nepalese origin/Indian Nepali have also made India proud as bureaucrats, litterateurs, sportsmen, film directors, politicians and social workers and also played the vital role in protecting the country’s territory as the most valorous of Indian Armed Forces personnel.  Many India National Army (INA) soldiers were from Nepalese origin, and two famous sons, Major Durga Malla and Dal Bahadur Thapa were executed by the British after the surrender of the INA in l945. Greater part of Ajad Hind Phauj organized by Shri Subash Chandra Bose was contained with majority of Nepali soldiers.  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose had appointed Captain Ram Singh Thakur as the official musician of the INA who composed many patriotic and popular songs. One out of many patriotic songs he composed was Jana Gana Mana in Hindi what he wrote as suggested by Netaji. Later this music was used for Rabindra Nath Tagore’s Jana Gana Mana and adopted as the national anthem of India. Yet they get treated often as foreigners and misbehaved. Aribahadur Gurung, a leader of the Gorkha League in Darjeeling, was the representative of the Gorkhas in the Constituent Assembly in 1946 whose signature graces the copy of the Indian Constitution that came into force in 1950. However, the Nepalese/Gokhalese have not got their share of recognition which they deserved.

Glory of Nepali culture, language and tradition and their decreasing value in absence of an umbrella organization to mainstream all people from Nepalese origin in India has been deeply realized. Honesty, Integrity, dignity simplicity, purity and high morale of Nepalese origin in India/Indian Nepali have always been a boon for the development of India. But their poor unity is resulted in deterioration of their cultural esteem, morale and diverse problems. Revival of Nepali language, culture and tradition by networking all Nepalese origin in India who are popularly known as Gorkhas including Nepalese workers and employers in India under an umbrella organization like Hamro Swabhiman (HS), seems extremely essential in contemporary time.

Few Nepali speaking people come together and agreed for formation of Umbrella NGO to fulfill abovesaid motive. These people met with several other Nepali Speaking people in all over India to join hand and accordingly they met with His Holiness Acharya Balkrishna Ji in Patanjali Yogpeeth Phase-I, Haridwar on 23rd November 2012 and get the blessing.


Vision of the Hamro Swabhiman

Subsequent mini to major problems faced/being faced by normal to great figures from Nepalese origin in India popularly known as Gorkhas chronologically due to lack of unity, coordination and cooperation incubate the idea of establishing Hamro Swabhiman as their center of hope and protection which has been established as Umbrella NGO having members from pre-existing NGO, Industrialist, Businessman, Lawyer, Advocate, Engineer, Academician, Political Parties, etc. Moreover, the spirit of HS is deeply connected to inner voice of all Nepali Speaking and targets their networking, sharing, and caring to translate their inner voices into actions.  Transformation of suppressed Nepali cultural morale into cultural esteem, talent into creativity and innovation and glorious valor into victory by mainstreaming all the associated people as a family member is the vision of the HS.

Hamro Swabhiman-Umbrella NGO will act as backbone of all pre-existing NGO, Businessman, Lawyer, Advocate, Engineer, Academics, Employee, salaried,  Political Parties, etc. who are already contributing for the benefit of Nepali speaking people in India.   We should unite and work for the upliftment of Nepali speaking people in India and this NGO will guide all those who are one way or other joining hands to strengthen the Unity and professing Nepali culture, language and tradition in India.


Mission of the Hamro Swabhiman

Strengthening Unity –Unite entire Nepali community of India under one banner of Hamro Swabhiman trust which is having blessings of Swami Ji and Acharya Ji. There is no such NGO of Nepali speaking community who have National tag and who has branches all over Indian and Hamro Swabhiman is only NGO who has branches in several states of India.

Renaissance of Nepalese culture, language and ethnicity among people of Nepalese origin in India.

Saving Nepali Language and Culture :-We want our next generation feel proud upon our Nepali language, speak in Nepali language, respect our culture and tradition hence we started program like Bhanu Jayanti to motivate our children to recite poem in Nepali and speak in Nepali.

Haritalika Teej:- We celebrate Haritalika Teej Mahotsav to respect our culture and tradition and give messages to other community that our culture, tradition and language are very rich. We proudly say that we do Haritalika Teej Mahotsav in very grand scale and nobody in world do such a big and grand teej festivals which is even telecasted in Aastha TV and Sanskar TV.

Education:- We focus on education of our next generation so that they can uplift our status. We are branded as Peon, Watchman, servant however we are doing excellent in all field but we are not getting proper recognition. We are trying to do counseling to our students so that they can feel proud of our community and become competitive and go for high education so that they can achieve so many things and they become Role model for next generation.

Sport:- we are encouraging our youngster to participate in sports and providing platforms so that they can participate and accept challenges. We do Badminton Tournament in reputed Thyagraj Stadium, INA New Delhi every year with sole objectives to give a platform to our youngster. Now our youngster feel proud that they are playing with other people in National Stadium.

Scholarship:- We are working on scholarship and also providing some scholarship to several students and trying to create a permanent Scholarship Funds so that your needy talented students can get financial assistances for their education and uplift their status and also help others to raise their status.

Counseling :- We are focusing on counseling to our students so that they can go for right directions. After passing 12th, most of the students as well as their parents do not opt right directions to shape the future of Children hence our children are unable to achieve right goal despite of facts that our children are highly hard worker, innocent, brave and so many things so we are doing counseling programs to teach them their actual goal.

National Conference:- Every year we do national conference at different places with sole objectives to teach our persons about what is Unity, what is the requirement of Unity, what is our contribution and so many things. This National conference is attended by Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and Acharya Bal Krishna Ji Maharaj every years and many guests come from different states of India.

Striving for welfare of Nepalese Origin community

Removing hesitation among Nepalese origin in India to speak Nepali language, and disclose their identity as Nepali origin or Gorkha.

Help each other in need

Employment generation

Educational empowerment

Personality development

Creating health awareness

Health promotion and treatment

Ascetic elevation, Cultivation  of healthy behaviors, Rural empowerment, Plantation, Conservation of natural resources, Environmental Cleanliness Campaign, Women empowerment, Inhibition of Girls’ trafficking and dowry system and Inhibiting Caste and gender discrimination.


Principles for sustaining Hamro Swabhiman

Donation of at least time, money and talent by concerned members as per their capability and convenience are founding principles of Hamro Swabhiman. Collection of nominal amount from all members is prioritized more rather than taking big amount from single person to connect the spirit and promote organizational commitment of all members. The Umbrella NGO is connecting each and every Nepali Speaking in any corner of India irrespective of his/her caste, creed, culture etc.

Creation of different cells such as Ex-Army cell, Youth cell, Corporate cell, Financial Cell, Media Cell, NGO Cell, Professional Cell, Management Cell, Placement cell, Women Cell, Entertainment Cell etc. to categorize the people for effective mobilization of their talents and experiences to reach the organizational goal is one of the principle of the Umbrella NGO.

Nepali Speaking community is fortunate that Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and Acharya Bal Krishna Ji Maharaj are the guardian and patron of Hamro Swabhiman. Their teachings are backbone of Hamro Swabhiman. Entire Nepali/Gorkhali community is known for its honesty and bravery in world however Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj dreams that Nepali/Gorkhali community should also be recognized for their contribution towards building of India in particular and world in general.

Hamro Swabhiman is working for the benefit of entire Nepali/Gorkhali community through seminars, workshops, camps, cultural events, sports events, scholarship, etc. Hamro Swabhiman also started “HAMRO GAURAV” award and bestow our Heroes every year to give recognition to their contribution in different field.