Hamro Swabhiman has a wide vision and spectrum for the services and also 5 maxims which forms the base to achieve all the above.

  1. Sampark –To connect with all Nepali Speaking personnel from around the globe under one roof of Hamro Swabhiman together like a family.
  2. Sahyog – To ensure the achievement of mutual cooperation between whole community and proper organization of strength of all to impart best we can, in the service of all.
  3. Sanskar – To imbibe the best practices as per the teachings of our ancestors, culture, community and sanskriti and to impart those good practices of our cultural teachings in the young generation also.
  4. Seva – ‘Seva’ i.e. selfless service for all. To ensure seva in it’s true form to whom so ever in need.
  5. Samarpan – To enrich feeling of Samarpan that is selfless commitment in the service of motherland and that to also up to the extreme level of sacrifice.