1.Rajesh Sharma donated 1lakh Rupees (2017)

2.K.B.Gurung from Kanchan Decorator  donates 1.5lakhs Rupees every year

3.Motilal Agarwal-Bikenar Wala donates  50 thousand Rupees ,food items for the volunteer  during teej (2017,2018,2019)

4.Surya Roshni donated 2lakhs Rupees in 2019

5.Upendra Singh Thakur donated 10lakhs Rupees in 2019

6.Muthut Group is donating 75thousand Rupees since past three years .

7.Shyam Thakur from Momo King have donated 50thousand Rupees in 2019

8.Oollta Cab have donated 20thousand Rupees in 2019

9.Deepak Man Shrestha from Print Sasta have given a discount of 25% in the works done by his Printing Press during the Teej programme of 2019