HS organizes one International Conference every year to interact between Nepali speaking people alongwith entire other community from different part of world with sole motive to interact with them. HS provides the platform wherein topics are selected for discussion, exchange dialogues, raises problems of Nepali community and its rectification etc.








To Preserve and Promote of Nepali art and culture, HS started celebrating Teej Festival. Celebration of Haritalika Teej Mahotsav has been started Param Pujya Acharya Ji in line of Ganesh Festival in Maharasthra to make each and every Nepali proud of their language, art, culture and tradition and unite themselves. Teej is a festival celebrated by all Hindu women for the long life of her husband and long and firm relationship between them until the death. Teej is observed for marital happiness, well being of spouse and children and purification of own body and soul. Teej is the most famous festival among Nepali Women which is celebrated by Nepali Hindu Women all across the World. It falls generally in August-September every year.

Folk music and dances add more flavor to traditional values of Teej. It is fascinating to see women in “Red” dancing and singing on the street. Going to temple in holy and fasting mood. Teej is also called Hari Talika Teej in Nepali community. The celebration of Teej Festival by HS every year is one steps to preserve and promote our Nepali art and culture alongwith our Nepali Language. Recently we organized Teej Festival at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi.




HS is dedicated to make our people sound by mind, health and wealth hence HS organizes Yoga and Spiritual every year in different part of India and recently HS organizes Yoga and Spiritual Camp at Darjeeling, W.B. which is presided by Yoga Guru Ramdev Ji. Yoga Guru Ramdev Ji is inspiration for conducting Yoga Camp by HS regularly and always guided us doing such camp so that we can become fit and healthy. Simultaneously Yoga Guru Ramdev Ji and Acharya Shri Bal Krishna Ji always give us plenty of spiritual capsules which is very necessary for our day to day life. One can be healthy by Yoga but Spiritual Camp always help persons to adopt Yoga easily.







 HS has initiated sports activity with sole objective to encourage our people who have seen big matches played in huge Stadium in television however their dream of playing in big stadium did not fulfill. HS organizes Badminton Tournament every year in well-known stadium so that the dream of our people can be fulfilled and they do not feel deprived. HS has recently organized Badminton Tournament at Thyagraj Stadium, New Delhi. HS generally organizes Sport/Badminton Event in the month of January-February every year.






Our community shy to speak in our own Nepali Language as they feel humiliation to speak in own language. Even they do not disclose their own identity being Nepali due to which diminishing our own value, tradition and culture hence HS started poem and speech competition in Nepali so that our coming generation can speak in our own language and feel proud of being Nepali. Now HS started conducting Poem and Speech competition on birth anniversary of Adikabi Bhanu Bhakt who is torch bearer of Nepali Language and culture. He is first Nepali poet who wrote Ramayan in Nepali hence HS found it very reasonable to conduct Poem and Speech Competition on birth anniversary of Adikabi Bhanu Bhakt. HS organizes this event yearly Sunday prior of date of birth of Bhanu Bhakta Ji.




HS is providing scholarship to needy student of community so that they can get the proper education and enhance the image of our community. Nepali speaking people has contributed immensely for the mother India since the time of freedom fighting however they have not granted what they deserve rather they are referred as Bahadur, Chaukidar, cook, momoes seller etc. Nepali Speaking People are still backward and are devoid of today’s modern benefits what other community has already granted. Nepali Language is declared as one of India’s language in Constitution of India however no benefits has been granted to Nepali language. Hamro Swabhiman giving scholarship to our student so that they can achieve what they deserve and make us proud.





HS has initiated several relief activities and rehabilitation works since its inceptions. We have provided relief works to earth quakes, floods, landslides victims etc. and committed to do further relief work in needs. We believe in “Charity start from Home” hence members of HS contribute and collect money, articles, eatable goods/items etc. whenever in need for the relief and rehabilitation work and send it to the destination of requirement. We also request all general people to contribute for the welfare of those who are suffering from any natural calamities and we have received tremendous support in hour of need.





HS is doing excellent work of RTI. HS has already got several RTI information from Govt. and committed to take out further information from Govt. under RTI.



HS initiated Group Insurance with sole motive to provide basic facilities of insurances to community people.



Unity among entire community, Welfare scheme to Nepali speaking people, Renaissance of Nepalese culture, language and ethnicity among Nepali speaking people, Employment generation, Educational empowerment, Health promotion and treatment, Eradication of bad habits like smoking, drinking, drug addiction etc., Rural empowerment, Plantation of trees, Conservation of natural resources, Environmental pollution, Women empowerment, Eradication of human trafficking, Inhibiting Caste and gender discrimination etc.

HS is doing other activities also which is very much available in our website or contact us at